My dream is more than a personal achievement; it is about surging national pride. I have always believed that Ethiopia can be successful in swimming competitions as we are in running long distance competitions. Moreover, I wanted to show the world that my country can compete in swimming matches next to any country with the determination, strength, and skills that are needed.

 At the age of 18, I was awarded a half-fee scholarship in Italy to train in DDS swimming club where my father had to cover half of the expenses. In the 9 months of my training, I trained with professional swimming competitors in a well-equipped facility, which helped me enhance my skills to become a better swimmer whilst gaining a mental strength. At the end of my 9 months training, I was able to finish 100m freestyle under 1 minute and 50m freestyle clocking 25.99 only at the age of 18. However, due to financial issues with my father I returned to Ethiopia without completing my training. It was like watching all the effort that I and my family put in and all the things that I gave up start crumbling but I never quit. It has always been my dream to be an Olympic champion, therefore, I kept doing what I do best; I kept training myself. 


I continued to prepare myself for the Olympics without a trainer, even though the Ethiopia Swimming Federation was not equipped with a typical Olympic size training swimming facilities.​

First Competition


I highly believe that the assistance of a professional training is essential to prepare for competitions like Olympics, which I was unsuccessful to get for my first Olympics participation. Nevertheless, I still hope to be assisted with the professional training needed to participate in future competitions. I will take the cyber and verbal bullying that I received after the Rio Olympics and convert them into motivations, which will help me, achieved my set of goals and become the best swimmer that I could be.

About Me

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Robel Kiros Habte is an Ethiopian swimmer who was born in 1992 in Adama, Ethiopia. Habte holds the Ethiopian championship records in a 100m butterfly, 50m, and 100m freestyle. Habte represented Ethiopia in competitions held in Morocco, Singapore, Qatar, Mozambique, Spain, and Russia from youth Olympic games to Olympics.

Quick Facts

I recently came up with the idea of a go-fund account that donators can support in setting up swimming facilities to train in Ethiopia. This is a great way of supporting people with the passion for swimming and competing. With this donation, I sincerely hope that people in Ethiopia will get the chance to train in a proper swimming facility that I was not able to receive.  

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Age: 24
HOMETOWN: Adama, Ethiopia
Idol: Michael Philips

Robel The Whale Foundation

 Chasing My Dream

​A the age of 11, I had my first opportunity to compete in an all round swimming tournament at my local swimming pool. I won my first gold medal in my first competition. I remember the moment, as it was full of pride and victory, I refused to take the medal off for 2 days in a row. Sleeping with it and watching my reflection in the mirror, from that moment onwards I dreamt of becoming an Olympics champion. I experienced the very first satisfaction of victory, it was an indescribable moment of my life. I still remember those days until today. That determination and gratification has motivated me to train harder and become a better swimmer each day.  ​